Urban Meyer has a valuable message for coaches: Just coach. AP PHOTO

This is something that has always bothered me, and you don’t just see it in college football. You see it in baseball and in basketball and in just about every team sport. I’ve seen it, sad to say, at the YOUTH level.

A team loses? A new coach blames the players. Says he can only work with what he’s got. The implication being, “Wait until I get MY players in here. Then everyone else will see.”

Tom Herman said something to that effect on Saturday, after the new Texas coach with the $28.85 million contract (not counting the incentives) watched his Longhorns get lambasted by Maryland — at home — in his debut.

“If we all thought that we were going to come in here and in nine months sprinkle some fairy dust on this team and think that we’ve arrived then we’re wrong,” Herman said.

This is the kind of thing that doesn’t just bother someone on the outside like me. it bothers a legend like Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, too. Drives him, as he puts it, “insane.”

“It’s like a new generation of excuse,” Meyer told CBSSports.com.

Read the entire article here. Because, it’s good perspective on an issue the media and fans have kind of allowed to slide. Meyer pulls no punches, and it’s worth remembering that Herman served as Meyer’s offensive coordinator at Ohio State before he went on to take the head coaching job at Houston (where, incidentally, he went 13-1 in his first season in 2015 with a roster almost exclusively recruited by his predecessor, Tony Levine).

If you’re a coach, coach. Take the kids you’ve got, and make them better. If you’re a professional coach, understand you aren’t just assuming a title. You’re assuming a program and everything that goes along with it. You can’t rip it. You just deal with it and find the positives.

Penn State fans wondered why the Nittany Lions were mediocre in their first two seasons under James Franklin. It’s because they didn’t have the players, the talent top to bottom that Meyer had at Ohio State. Bottom line. But you never heard Franklin complain publicly about it. Never heard him say, “Wait ’til I get some real recruits in here.” He could have, and he didn’t — probably at times to his own detriment.

Why? Because it was his job to make Penn State what it could be with what it had. Just like it’s Tom Herman’s job to make Texas what it could be, and your 7-year-old daughter’s youth soccer coach’s job to make that team what it can be. This whole “Just wait ’til…” routine is getting old.