There were times, honestly, when I figured I’d be writing that headline on the baseball blog before I got to write it here.

But, today, the long — too long — wait for Raghib Ismail is over.

The Meyers High School graduate made an immediate impact at Notre Dame, and for three years, he was just about the most dangerous player in college football. He was a terrific receiver in an option offense under Lou Holtz with the Fighting Irish, and his numbers — which admittedly are about what you see today from pretty good receivers — have to be weighed in the context of his era and his offense. But on special teams, there was little doubt Ismail was the best player in the country.

That’s not just some school he’s running past in that video. That’s Miami. Miami, in the 1990s. When Miami was The U. That’s the kind of athlete, the kind of game-breaker, Raghib Ismail was in college.

More on this in tomorrow’s papers, for sure.