It looks like the date has been set for the annual White Out game at Beaver Stadium, and according to the Penn State football program’s official Twitter feed, it’s going to be Oct. 21 against Michigan.


I would say this is hardly surprising information, given the fact that Penn State has a fairly strange home schedule this season.

The Nittany Lions play Akron, Pittsburgh, Georgia State and Indiana at Beaver Stadium in September. They play Rutgers and Nebraska there in November. The only home game in October is against the Wolverines.

There have been eight “full stadium” White Outs, and while the first four were staged for September games, four of the last five were in October (the other, in November). Given that Penn State is likely trying to 1.) give fans a reason to look forward a mid-season home night game when the weather might not be so great and 2.) save the White Out for the most important conference games, Michigan really stood out as the only option. I mean, the probably weren’t going to give Pitt the dignity of experiencing the White Out (because that would be an admission from Penn State that Pitt somewhat matters to them), and I’m not certain Nebraska — as historic as that program is — generates the juice Michigan does,

So, there you go. White Out on Oct. 21. Homecoming on Nov. 11 against Rutgers. The Penn State schedule is starting to take a bit of shape, events-wise.

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