The Big Ten released its scheduling for the four-season stretch between 2022 and 2025 this afternoon.

Here’s how it looks for Penn State, schedule-wise, those years:

S3 at Purdue*
S17 at Auburn
O1 Ohio State*
O8 at Michigan*
O15 Illinois*
O29 Michigan State*
N5 at Indiana*
N12 Maryland*
N19 Minnesota*
N26 at Rutgers*
Two non-conference games to be scheduled

What stands out:
The season will open with a Big Ten game for the first time since 1994, when Penn State beat Minnesota, 56-3, at the old Metrodome.

S7 West Virginia
S16 at Illinois*
S23 at Northwestern*
O7 Indiana*
O14 at Michigan State*
O21 at Ohio State*
O28 Iowa*
N4 Michigan*
N18 Rutgers*
N25 at Maryland*
Two non-conference games to be scheduled

What stands out: Back-to-back road games on consecutive weekends to Columbus and East Lansing for the Nittany Lions again. Not sure if that’s going to mean then what it means now, of course. … Here’s what Penn State isn’t going to be happy with, though: Back-to-back road games in September against Illinois and Northwestern. Making the same trip twice in a row, essentially.

A31 at West Virginia
S7 Bowling Green
S14 at Rutgers*
O5 Maryland*
O12 Illinois*
O19 at Wisconsin*
O26 Nebraska*
N9 Ohio State*
N16 at Michigan*
N23 at Indiana*
N30 Michigan State*
One non-conference game to be scheduled

What stands out: Look who’s back on the schedule closing out the season. Sparty and the Land Grant Trophy game, just like old times. … Rutgers and Maryland go to season-ending foes to season-opening ones.

S6 Virginia Tech
S20 Rutgers*
S27 at Illinois*
O4 Purdue*
O18 at Maryland*
O25 at Minnesota*
N1 Indiana*
N15 at Ohio State*
N22 Michigan*
N29 at Michigan State*
Two non-conference games to be scheduled

What stands out:
There is the obligatory back-to-back road trips, but they’re to a relatively nearby Maryland and Minnesota. But Penn State might have some issues to deal with down the stretch, considering they are at Ohio State, vs. Michigan and at Michigan State in the season’s final three weeks. That’s a gauntlet.