Yesterday, President Donald Trump did something only one other president has done before. He fired FBI Director James Comey. The only other president to fire a FBI Director was President Bill Clinton.

On July 19, 1993, Clinton fired William S. Sessions following a report by the Department of Justices’ Office of Professional Responsibility found that Sessions had made several ethical lapses. Clinton’s administration let him stay during his transition period. This decision caused problems within the Bureau according to the Washington Post story from July 20, 1993.

On July 20, Clinton named Louis J. Freeh to be the new FBI Director. Freeh would take over on September 1, 1993.  Freeh would serve until June 25, 2001.  

The FBI was created in in July 1908 by U.S. Attorney General Charles K Bonaparte. Since its founding the Bureau has had only 18 directors. The longest serving director was J. Edgar Hoover. He served from May 1924 to May 1972. You can read more about the FBI Directors at the FBI History website –

– Brian