Watermelon are a refreshing summertime treat. But sometimes this fruit makes headlines.

In August 1966, Joseph Catalano received a special delivery at his South Scranton market for Master Sgt. John Kavetsky of East Elm St.  A friend of Kavetsky sent him a watermelon from Bethesda, North Carolina. The massive melon weighed 145 pounds and was 36 inches long and 43 inches in diameter.

A few years later in  July 1969, Scranton had a visit from royalty. Coni Groves, the Watermelon Queen for the Watermelon Growers & Distributors Association, paid a visit to Scranton. Groves, of North Augusta, South Carolina, visited local grocery stores to promote the fruit and she also made an appearance on the Bill Pierce Show on WEJL Radio.

Miss Coni Groves, national watermelon queen from North Augusta, S.C. touring the country on behalf of the Watermelon Growers and Distributors Association, visits the WEJL radio with news director Jack Griwold on July 11, 1969. Miss Groves appeared on the Bill Pierce Show and visiting area grocery stores. Times-Tribune Archives

The current national Watermelon Queen is Madison Laney of Ariton, Alabama. You can read more about her and her thoughts on watermelons here  http://www.watermelon.org/TheSlice/An-Interview-with-Watermelon-Royalty


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