On this cold winter day, I thought a reminder of summer was in order for Throwback Thursday.

One of the more popular summer playground programs in 1952 was the learn-to-swim classes held throughout at the summer playground system’s 22 wading pools. Pictured is a class at the wadding pool at the Robert Morris School on Boulevard Ave.

The class is being taught by swim instructor William Haggerty (far right) with assistance from Robert Hutchinson.

Looking on at the class were officials with the city and school district. From left: John Washo, Scranton DPW director; Miss Eleanor Deviney, director at the playground, Mayor James Hanlon, William Feldcamp, Scranton Recreation Bureau director, Miss Ann Haggerty, Mrs. Barbara Davis, and Richard McNichols, superintendent of Scranton School District. In front of the officials are three of the younger users of the playground, from left, Jack Davis, Ann Haggerty and Mary Ellen Haggerty.

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