On the morning of July 17, 1920, Captain St. Clair Streett took off in his De Haviland “Four B” from the farm of Benjamin Throop in Elmhurst.

How did Streett end up on that Elmhurst farm?

Street was in command of the Alaska Flying Expedition that was traveling from Mitchell Field, Long Island, New York to Nome, Alaska. The expedition left Mitchell Field on July 15.

While flying over our area enroute to Erie, Streett and his flying companion, Sgt. Edmund Henriques, got lost in fog and had to land. They safely landed on the farm of Benjamin Throop in Elmhurst.    

Their stay was extended till the morning of the 17th because of a late delivery of gasoline to the farm on the 16th didn’t give Streett enough daylight hours to resume his trip.

In dispatch back to the Times, Streett and Henriques made it to Erie by 12 noon on September 17. Streett and the rest of the expedition left Erie for to their next stop, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Streett and the expedition did make it to Alaska on August 23 and returned to Mitchel Field on October 20.

Streett would go onto to have a successful career in the military. He would retire from the Air Force in 1952 at the rank of Major General.

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