For those who were in Boy Scouts, you will remember the motto – “Be Prepared.”  That was the point of this winter sports information session that took place in December 1959 at the South Abington Elementary School. Young men from two Explorer Posts – 172 in Nicholson and 55 in Tripp Park – gave a demonstrations to younger scouts on items that would come in handy if you were participating in a winter activity.

A winter sports demostration was staged by Explorer Post 172, Nicholson, and Explorer Post 55, Tripp Park, when about 50 scouts from Pioneer Council, Dan Beard Council, Boys Scouts of America, held a round table on December 8, 1959 at the South Abington Township Elementary School. Among those participating were, from left, Robert Gritman, Paul Brown, both of Post 172; Edward Petcavage, of Post 55; and Robert Cornell, district commissioner. Times-Tribune Archives

The Boy Scouts of America still offer the Exploring and Venturing programs. Both programs are co-ed.  Exploring gives the opportunity to explore careers. Venturing gives them opportunities to get outdoors.