Doing research today, I discovered these amazing photos of the women who worked in the cafeteria of the First National Bank of Scranton at 201 Wyoming Ave in 1950.

Mrs. Anna Kelly, left, Mary Kristof, center, and Lizabeth Channing are setting the counter before the start of lunch service at the First National Bank of Scranton’s cafeteria on Dec. 13, 1950. Times-Tribune Archives

According to the short article that accompanied the photos, the bank provided a free hot lunch to all its 265 employees at its building’s cafeteria. The free lunch program started in 1923 under the leadership of bank president C.S. Weston and vice-president Frank Hummler. Bank officials believed that “one who is well fed works well.”   The images appeared in the Scranton Times on Dec. 13, 1950.

Mary Kristof, dietitian for the bank’s cafeteria, makes a final check of the food that was served to the employees on December 13, 1950. Times-Tribune Archives


Staff members of the bank’s Transit Department are serving themselves while Mary Kristof, behind the counter, is there to offer a helping hand on Dec 13, 1950. From left: Ruth Stein, Genet Hryshko and Jean Moran. Times-Tribune Archives