It’s Pi Day. Pi or 3.14 is the mathematical constant the represents the circumference of circle at it diameter. What better way to celebrate this constant by enjoying a pie.

Here are a few pie recipes from the past few years that have been featured in the weekly Local Flavor: Recipes We Love feature in The Times-Tribune.


Dorothy Riviello-Johnson’s chocolate peanut butter pie for Local Flavor. Michael J. Mullen / Staff Photographer

Dec 11 – Carly Rudzinski’s Peanut Butter Pie 

Oct 5 – Wesley Mech’s Savory Pumpkin Pie


Nov. 18 – Pat Mattei’s Crustless Pumpkin Pie

July 22 – Jasmine Kowalski’s Dessert Pizza 

Feb. 04 – Susanna Haines’ Blueberry-Apple-Peach Pie 


Dec. 03 – Connie Buberniak’s Grated Apple Pie

Nov. 12 – Jay Sochoka’s Pumpkin Pie Decadence 

June 11 – Patty Esgro’s Pistachio Cream Coconut Delight

May 14 – Sandra Mazzuca’s Coconut Cream Pie


Nov. 20 – Janet Loewe’s Peace Pipe Pumpkin Pie

July 24 – Linda Patton’s Apple Rhubarb Pie

July 17 – Judy Smith’s Crumb-Top Blueberry Pie

May 29 – Peg Fox’s Rhubarb Custard Pie

Feb. 13 – Clara Stubbs’ Raisin Pie


Aunt Bernie’s Cran-Apple Pie. Michael J. Mullen/Staff Photographer

Nov. 14 – Aunt Bernie’s Cran-Apple Pie

June 13 – Fran Koloras’ Macaroni Pie

April 11 – Dorothy Riviello-Johnson’s Peanut Butter Pie

Jan. 11 – Liz Grier’s Pork Pot Pie