America’s past time – baseball

The crack of the bat, the smell of peanuts, ice cold beer and rooting for your favorite team – are just some of the reason why people enjoy baseball. Below is photo of Erie (Railroad) Roundhouse team that participated in the local Industrial League in Scranton. The league was made of teams for area businesses like the Delaware,Hudson and Western Railroad,the Erie Railroad shops, International Correspondence School, Scranton Lace, Scranton Gas & Water and Scranton Electric to name a few. 

The photo appeared in the Scranton Times on August 6, 1919. The captions reads: Front row: (left to right) – F. Davis, Foytack, manager Branning, Lally and Del Veccio. In rear row, Brenmen, Robertson, Kieres, Fisher, Captain Langman and Carr. The Erie Roundhouse team has been playing good baseball in the Industrial League this season and while it is in sixth place in the standing of the teams it has won three games of eight played. The club got to bad start, but has been doing well the last month. Manager Branning has a team of youngsters and several of them are showing excellent form. The Erie Shops team is leading the race in the Industrial League having won all games that it has played.

I just want to point out that team manager Branning is wearing a straw hat. The proper hat for the summer. You can read more about straw hats at .

– Brian