History tells us that in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912, the RMS Titanic sank into the Atlantic after striking an iceberg. But on the first day of reporting on this tragic accident, articles in The Scranton Times tell of how the ship did hit an iceberg near the Sable Island. The articles detailed how the passengers were being safely transferred to other ocean liners that where in the area.  One article from Montreal reports that the Titanic was being towed to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Also making news on April 15, were the results of the Pennsylvania primary which was held on Saturday, April 13. In the presidential primary, Mayor John Von Bergen and George B Carson were elected to the national convention to support former President Theodore Roosevelt by defeating William Howard Taft supporters W.L. Connell and Thomas Williams by a sizable margin. In the congressional primary, John Farr won the republican nomination with M.A. McGinley winning the democratic nomination.

Also making headlines, was how Detective Robert Wilson, Scranton’s graft hunter and exterminator of vice, was requesting warrants be issued for the arrest of several saloon owners who had their establishments open on Primary Day. He also spoke about the lawlessness in Scranton that is going on under the nose of the Von Bergen administration.

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