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OK, yesterday got a little bit busy for me with trying to catch up ON THE BLOG, but I could not neglect the lacrosse athletes who last week had memorable efforts.

First, in the big showdown between Scranton Prep and Delaware Valley, the Cavaliers finally got to the top of the mountain. After losing the first nine matches against its rival, Scranton Prep earned a 10-6 win Wednesday that sent the Wyoming Valley Conference standings into a whirlwind.

Here is a closer look at Scranton Prep’s win in case you missed it:

Scranton Prep (4-3) 4 2 3 1 — 10
DV (5-2) 1 0 3 2 — 6

SP: Goals: Daniel Hinton 4, Joe Pettinato 2, Luke Johnson 2, Anthony Osticco, Greg Fisher. Assists: Anthony Osticco 3, Pettinato 2, Luke Brunetti, Hinton. Saves: Kyle Reihner 8.
DV: Goals: Josh Balcarcel 4, Dan Matarazzo, Anton Mackey. Assists: Trevor Martin 3, Rhett Padgett, Mackey. Saves: Bryce Haraldsen 10.

It was a huge win for Scranton Prep, but there was no rest for the weary. The Cavaliers then faced WVC Division I leader Dallas on Friday of last week. Carrying the momentum of the DV win, Scranton Prep avenged yet another loss this season, this time with a 7-4 win.

Here is a closer look at Scranton Prep’s win in case you missed it:

Scranton Prep (5-3) 1 2 1 3 — 7
Dallas (5-2) 0 2 1 1 — 4

SP: Goals: Anthony Osticco 3; Daniel Hinton 2; Luke Brunetti; Joe Pettinato. Assists: Greg Fisher 2; Anthony Osticco; Joe Pettinato; Daniel Hinton.
DAL: Goals: Zach Kalna; Nick Solinsky; Mike Starbuck; Stone Minello. Assists: Hunter Landon 2; TJ Herron; Mike Starbuck; Stone Minello.


Scranton Prep’s Anthony Osticco had three goals in a win over Dallas last week.
Photo by Christopher Dolan


Delaware Valley also had no time to wallow over its loss to Scranton Prep. On Friday, the Warriors took on the other WVC Division I leader, Wyoming Seminary. And needing a win, Delaware Valley probably turned in its best overall performance of the season and beat the Knights, 12-9.

Here is a closer look at Delaware Valley’s win in case you missed it:

Delaware Valley (6-2) 1 5 2 4 —12
Wyoming Seminary (6-2) 0 4 3 2 — 9

DV Goals: Josh Balcarcel 4, Anton Mackey 3; Riely Van Wie 2; Rob Hutson 2; Jimmy Quinn 1. Assists: Rhett Padgett 2; Balcarcel 2; Van Wie; Trevor Martin 1.
DAL Goals: Duncan Breig 3; Max Bartron 3; David Nape 2; Connor Dennis 1. Assists: Breig; Nape.


Delaware Valley’s Dave Bell moves past Wyoming Seminary’s Logan Finn during a lacrosse game.
Photo by Christopher Dolan


North Pocono, which has a win over Tunkhannock from earlier this season, earned its second win last week, beating Coughlin. Kris Zero had a huge game with three goals and three assists, while Jason Parola also had three goals for the Trojans, who have moved into third place in Division II, and into the No. 7 seed for the District 2 playoffs.

So, what does it all mean in the BIG picture. A lot actually. Delaware Valley (6-2) pulled even with Wyoming Seminary (6-2) for first place in the WVC Division I. Dallas (5-2) is one-half game ahead of Scranton Prep (5-3).




Normally, I save the schedule portion of the post for later, but with the logjam at the top of the standings, I feel it is important to provide that information now.

What’s ahead?

Delaware Valley at North Pocono

Tunkhannock at Wyoming Seminary
Wyoming Area at Dallas
Lake-Lehman at Crestwood
Scranton Prep at Coughlin

Scranton Prep’s Joe Pettinato (8).
Photo by Christopher Dolan.

Wyoming Seminary at Dallas
Crestwood at Delaware Valley
Coughlin at North Pocono
Lake-Lehman at Tunkhannock

Wyoming Seminary at Scranton Prep
Wyoming Area at Delaware Valley

North Pocono at Tunkhannock
Coughlin at Wyoming Area
Dallas at Crestwood

As you can see, there are some VERY important matches as teams are in hot pursuit of the Division I championship and the No. 1 seed for the District 2 playoffs.

NOTE: The District 2 Lacrosse Playoff is an OPEN TOURNAMENT.



  • May 15: District 2 First Round
  • May 18: District 2 Quarterfinals
  • May 22: District 2 Semifinals
  • May 25: District 2 Final


  • May 17: District 2 First Round
  • May 19: District 2 Quarterfinals
  • May 22: District 2 Semifinals
  • May 24: District 2 Final



Delaware Valley had a huge match against Wyoming Seminary last week. Wyoming Seminary defeated the Lady Warriors, handing them their first loss while remaining undefeated and in first place in the WVC.

Here is a look at the numbers case you missed it:

Delaware Valley (5-1) 2 2 — 4
Wyoming Seminary (7-0) 6 3 — 9

DV: Goals: Bailey Fedun 2; Kayla Newsome 2. Assist: Alexa Butaitis.
SEM: Goals: Christina Kilyanek 4; Abigail Straub 2; Julia Gabriel; Katherine Romanowski; Olivia Mueser. Assist: Alexis Sokach.

Wyoming Seminary’s Christina Kilyanek (18) takes a shot between two Delaware Valley defenders.
Photo by
Frank C. Lauri


Delaware Valley, however, did bounce back. The Lady Warriors defeated Scranton Prep later in the week to remain in contention for the WVC Division I title. Now, of course, it’s going to be a bit more challenging and they are going to have to hope for not one, but two upsets along the way with both Wyoming Seminary and Lake-Lehman undefeated.

Here’s a look at the Delaware Valley-Scranton Prep match:

Scranton Prep (3-5) 0 1 — 1
Delaware Valley (6-1) 6 3 — 9

SP goals: Kerry McGrath 1. SP assists: Elisa Kopicki 1.
DV goals: Bailey Fedun 2, Maecy Chlebowski 2, Faith Fucetola 2, Alexa Butaitis, Emily Gelormino, Kayla Newsome. DV assists: Butaitis 2, Gelormino.

Scranton Prep’s Kerry McGrath.
File photo

What’s ahead?

The season is winding down and every match is important for seeding purposes. And while Abington Heights is still just starting out as a varsity program, that Scranton Prep at Abington Heights matchup on Thursday certainly will have some intensity.


Courtesy of




It’s a stressful and tedious job, but players, I truly am trying to keep up with you stats. As we get into these weeks where rain forced some postponed events across the board, it really puts me behind the proverbial 8-Ball, in terms, of keeping the pace. As they say, there are only 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day.




That is all for this Sunday.

Again, hoping to have a post for you all by Sunday next week, as well. Things are really getting busy in the spring sports season and it is very daunting juggling four sports, but I am giving it the old Lafayette College try.