I spent this morning listening to the noisiest whiners in the world — alleged conservatives who just can’t fathom why so many of us Enemies of the American People (a type that includes the Lying Liberal Terrorist Media and Anyone Who Dares Question King Donald) can’t just shut up and acknowledge that Donald Trump is President of the United States.

Here you go: Donald Trump is my president. He’s your president. Our president. That’s the problem, and why I won’t shut up as he does crazy cartwheels unintentionally trying to prove to his perpetually aggrieved base that they made a grave mistake in electing this alleged man.

Meanwhile, they whine and opine about any criticism of Trump. He does the same, but for different reasons. For Trump, criticism is deeply personal, because he is the Oaf in Office, and has never held a position in which unrelenting scrutiny is part of the deal. Trumpers take the criticism of their Dear Leader personally because they put him in power. He is Their President. They own him.

So far, Trump has rewarded his detractors far more than his supporters. Like junkies lashing out at anyone seeking to intervene, they slavishly insist their Trump of Choice is good for them and the country and say preposterous things like: “I never said Obama wasn’t my president.”

Such empty exhortations might be amusing if Trump hadn’t been the snarling, orange face of the birther movement that insisted President Obama was illegitimate because he was not born in the U.S. Obama produced the birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii, but Trump and his minions dismissed it as a fake. Many still do.

So knock it off with the “I accepted Obama as my president” tripe. It’s crapola. The photo I share with today’s blog — and countless similar images and slanders — put the lie to your whining.

Donald Trump is my president, but he’s your cross to bear.