For more than a century, Harley-Davidson built its iconic motorcycles here in America.

It took President Trump less than a month to change that.

Responding to Trump’s idiotic, unnecessary and ultimately unwinnable trade war on our allies, the European Union retaliated by imposing $3.2 billion in tariffs on bourbon, jeans, and motorcycles. Harley-Davidson said the tariffs will add $2,200 to the cost of each of its motorcycles sold in Europe and cost the company $30 to $45 million this year.

It will also cost American jobs. Harley-Davidson responded to the EU tariffs by announcing plans to move production of motorcycles bound for Europe overseas. Harleys for sale in the EU will now be assembled in Brazil, India and Thailand.

In January, Harley-Davidson closed a plant in Kansas City, Missouri, and laid off 800 employees. As a result, Syncreon, one of its suppliers there, will lay off 207 workers in August.

If this is what Trump means by “winning,” I’m just as sick of it as he predicted. How about you?