The Tweeter-in-Chief has introduced a new “word” into the global lexicon. In a late-night brain-dropping on Twitter, President Trump typed: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

As with All Things Trump, global social media exploded with mocking responses that questioned the sanity of the president and the sanctity of a nation that would promote the most unqualified American in history to the world’s most important position. Donald Trump never worked a day in his life. His first job is the hardest post on the planet.

“Covfefe” may seem like nonsense now, but it will some day appear in dictionary entries as: “Covfefe: 1. (noun) a nonsensical word tweeted by President Trump as the walls closed in; 2. (verb) To telegraph desperation. Left with no words the masses would believe, the president uttered, “covfefe…””

Many minds sturdier than mine have opined on the potential meaning (or lack of meaning) of “covfefe,” but I humbly suggest that it’s a cry for help from the overwhelmed toddler behind the angry adolescent Trump projects to gushing fans and horrified allies.

Trump is obviously miserable. He never wanted this job and never expected to win it. His candidacy was a brand-building scam that backfired bigly. He expected to lose to Hillary and build Trump TV with Fox “News” necromancer Roger Ailes. They could have made zillions railing against a new President Clinton.

Now Ailes is dead, Hillary is hiking and Trump is stuck holding the bag, which happens to be filled with the world’s most impossible problems. On top of that, the “Russia Story” keeps turning out not to be “fake news.” This is not what The Donald signed up for, which I noted in a column immediately following his election. Read it here. An excerpt:

Donald Trump’s ashen expression said more about the moment than the teleprompted syllables tumbling from his suddenly subdued mouth.

As the president-elect lumbered out to claim victory after the most divisive American election in modern history, his glazed eyes reflected the dazed reaction of dumbfounded observers the world over. Mr. Trump’s face said he was asking himself the same questions many of us mournfully pondered:

■ Did this really just happen?

■ Did he win despite relentlessly proving himself unfit for the job?

■ Does he really have to put up or shut up?

Yes to all three, and what we are seeing now is the inevitable fallout. Trump’s grand scam counted on losing the election and winning the blind anger and brand loyalty of his supporters. Instead, he won the election and now sees his brand on the brink of global destruction.

In a “word” of his own making, President Trump is “covfefed.” He knows it. It’s his diehard supporters who keep the faith, despite all evidence to the contrary. The longer they hang on to the Fantasy Trump of the campaign, the longer the Real Trump is stuck in a job he never wanted and can’t do.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are stuck with the Real Trump, too. If this gets you down, remember that nobody wants the Trump presidency to end more than The Donald Himself.

Trump hit the lottery. It hit back.