“We don’t need no immigration…” — “Donald Trump’s ‘The Wall'”
I was there. Saw it. Heard it. Internalized it. At his packed campaign rallies here in Northeast Pennsylvania, Candidate Donald Trump promised to build a “beautiful wall” along the southern border and HAVE “THE MEXICANS” PAY FOR IT.
The crowds cheered almost as loudly as when Candidate Trump demonized the media as enemies of America and “some of the most dishonest people” breathing. The only target more ripe than THE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA was the THE RAPIST MEXICANS, who Trump swore would PAY FOR HIS BEAUTIFUL WALL.
President Trump is singing a different tune. He still hates the media that made his rise possible, but now he has initiated a Mexican Standoff with Congressional Democrats, a species destined for endangered species status unless Trump erases the program first.
Trump has threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall, which is estimated to cost $21 billion and be fatally vulnerable to 21-foot ladders sold at Walmart.
This is all beside the point atop the president’s head. Trump swore MEXICO WOULD PAY FOR HIS WALL. Now he expects AMERICAN TAXPAYERS TO PAY FOR HIS WALL.
So where are all the Northeast Pennsylvanians who voted for Trump as he breaks promise after promise after promise? Polls suggest that most are making plans to attend his Saturday rally in Harrisburg to celebrate his first 100 days in office.
Truth hurts, especially those who voted against it and stubbornly, stupidly deny it, even as they are fleeced by a toothless wolf who rose to the world’s top job by pulling the wool over gullible eyes.