Working on the Wednesday column, so short blog today. Lots of reporting left to do, but the more I dig into this delinquent garbage fee fiasco, the trashier it gets. About 25 percent of those who owe simply choose not to pay while the 75 percent get left holding the bag.

Surely, there are some scofflaws who fell on hard times and fell behind on their bills. There are many on the list who work in high places on the public dime who have no excuse and no shame. Gonna drop in one of these deadbeats after I file this blog. Read about how the visit went in Wednesday’s Times-Tribune.

And keep an eye out for Education Reporter Sarah Hofius Hall‘s latest bombshell from the Scranton School District. Can’t share any details, but rest up your capacity for outrage. You’re gonna need it.

City Reporter Jim Lockwood is working on a deep dive into collection of delinquent garbage fees and how their costs and values are calculated.

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