I’ve been so focused on the Scranton mayoral race, I almost forgot we are electing two — and maybe three — (I screwed up the basic math in the original post) new Lackawanna County commissioners on Tuesday.

Like the Scranton School Board race, voters did the heavy lifting in the May Primary, taking Cheese and Crackers off the Nov. 5 menu. Come January, Commissioners Pat O’Malley and Laureen Cummings will be returned to the private sector, where photo-ops are a lot harder to find than CBD-infused gummy bears.

Three newcomers — Republicans Mike Giannetta and Chris Chermak, and Democrat Debi Domenick and an old hand — Democrat Commissioner Jerry Notarianni — are vying to run the county in a race that’s most notable for who isn’t in it. Both teams come with baggage, but either will be a long overdue improvement.

That said, we will be stuck with the winners for the next four years. The Times-Tribune has published extensive profiles of the candidates and their positions. Read it all on our election landing page. More than 140,000 registered voters call Lackawanna County home. Vote accordingly.