As if we needed any more evidence that Donald Trump is about as Christ-like as Pontius Pilate, the President of the United States stands accused of having an extramarital affair with a porn star shortly after his wife gave birth to his fifth child in 2006.

Right-wing media and Republican talking heads (oxymoron alert) keep pooh-poohing the story because it was seeded in an old piece published in InTouch magazine, one of the dumber, trashier mainstays of the supermarket checkout line.

Then the Wall Street Journal looked into it and reported that not only did the affair happen, but longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohn paid Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. “Stormy Daniels,” $130,000 in hush money shortly before Trump’s run for the White House. Cohn created a shell company in Delaware to process the shady transaction.

InTouch is a scandal sheet that should never be accused of journalism. The Wall Street Journal is one of the world’s truly great newspapers, and essentially the conservative bible published daily. It is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox “News” and is a longtime pal of Trump.

The WSJ can’t be laughed off like a supermarket fishwrap, especially by conservative Republicans. The newspaper also reported that Cohn may have used campaign money to buy the porn star’s silence, a violation of election law.  Government watchdog group Common Cause filed  complaints with the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission on Monday. I’m sure Attorney General Jeff Sessions will get right on that.

Meanwhile, “moral leaders” of the Religious Right are bending over backwards to excuse Trump’s latest sex scandal.

“We kind of gave him—‘All right, you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here,’” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins told POLITICO. He said Evangelicals see Trump as a flawed but fundamentally faithful man willing to push policies the Religious Right has championed for decades.

“I don’t think this president is using evangelicals … I think he genuinely enjoys the relationship that had developed,” Perkins told POLITICO. He has found, I think—and he’s a very transactional president.

“Trust is important to him. Loyalty is important to him, and I think in this transaction, he realizes, ‘Hey, these are people I can count on, because they don’t blow with the political winds. It’s a developing relationship, but I’ll have to say this: from a policy standpoint, he has delivered more than any other president in my lifetime.”

Read the POLITICO piece here. It also contains this nugget from the Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the Rev. Billy Graham and president of his Evangelistic Association.

“We certainly don’t hold (Trump) up as the pastor of this country, and he’s not. But I appreciate the fact that the president does have a concern for Christian values, he does have a concern to protect Christians—whether it’s here at home or around the world—and I appreciate the fact that he protects religious liberty and freedom.”

Stormy Daniels, meanwhile, has begun a national tour of strip clubs. She’s calling it, “Make America Horny Again.”

Jesus wept.