I was a fidgety kid.
Couldn’t sit still, couldn’t focus on fuzzy math, couldn’t go along to get along. At 50, I am as restless as I was at 15,  only now I have two mortgages, utility bills and I get paid to be a troublemaker.
If you’ve been reading my columns about the Scranton School District‘s stonewalling in my quest to obtain clearly public records about how taxpayer money was spent, you know that the fight goes on.
If you need to catch up on the issue, Sunday’s installment should suffice.
I write today to remind each and every student, parent and taxpayer in the district that the school board is meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at West Scranton Intermediate.
Some board directors are expected to question Superintendent Alexis Kirijan, Ed.D., Chief Information Officer Joe Brazil and Solicitor John Minora on their decisions to keep public records secret.
That’s great, but the most effective pressure is always applied by the general public, citizens who have mortgages, utility bills and children whose education should come before the cynical interests of alleged public servants entrusted to do the right thing.
If you care about learning how the district shortchanged students at the eternal expense of families and taxpayers, show up tonight and demand answers.See you there?