During his campaign, Donald Trump drew thousands of wildly enthusiastic supporters to rallies in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Crowds lined up hours before events to cheer The Donald, boo Hillary and hiss at the press.

On Saturday, about About 50 people — some from out of town — gathered on Lackawanna County Courthouse Square as part of a national event called March 4 Trump. Apparently, organizing political events is only suspect when Trump opponents do it.

The rally was intended to show local support for President Trump. Instead, it reflected shrinking support for Trump in places that were gaga over him a month or so ago.

It was cold here, which likely contributed to a smaller crowd, but the numbers at rallies in warmer, more populous climes, were also noticeably smaller. In Washington, D.C., just 50 Trump supporters showed up. More than 1,000 attended a Nashville rally, about 400 people turned up in St. Paul, about 100 in Erie and 30 in Indianapolis. These numbers are from Fox “News.”

Tunkhannock resident Betsy Green was at the Scranton rally. The founder of NEPA Women for Trump said his fledgling presidency has been unfairly criticized.

“We just felt like he’s been taking such a pounding from the liberals that we need to back him up in some way,” she said.

Scranton businessman Bob Bolus organized the Scranton rally, and of course had one of his Trump Trailers parked on the square. He said the rally was “about telling everyone in America that it’s time to unite.”

“The rally is here is to say the race is over,” he said. He’s right, at least about the campaign. A new race has started, however, and it isn’t likely to end well for Trump. Every reputable news source on the planet is hustling to unearth the truth about Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin, among other scandals.