The next mayor of Scranton will be selected today.

The city Democratic Party executive committee — led by Chairman Bob Sheridan — will meet behind closed doors at 7 p.m. to interview candidates and vote on a nominee. The county Democratic executive committee will have the final word when it meets Wednesday, but history says the county Dems will defer to Sheridan’s committee of about 30 insiders.

History also says the candidate selected by Bob Sheridan and his fellow insiders will win the November special election to fill the last two years of ex-mayor and current felon Bill Courtright, who was picked by Bob Sheridan and his fellow insiders.

What could possibly go wrong?

The county Republican executive committee will meet Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. to select a candidate, also behind closed doors and by a select group of insiders. History says the Democrats’ massive registration advantage will render the Republican pick an immediate also-ran, but voter disgust with the Bob Sheridan Party‘s business-as-usual politics could fuel an upset.

Or not. The smart money says history will repeat itself. The Bob Sheridan Party is counting on it.