Say what you will about Dan Sansky, but he’s no rat.

The Scranton School District’s former fleet manager stood up in court this morning and admitted to ripping off taxpayers and charging the district for repairs to employee vehicles. Sansky, 68, of Cortez Road, Jefferson Twp., pleaded guilty to one felony count — theft by deception — in a plea deal that calls for six to 23½ months in Lackawanna County Prison, five years of probation, and $31,186 in restitution.

Prosecutors agreed to work-release so Sansky can pay back a fraction of what he owes the district.

Judge Margaret Bisignani Moyle will review the agreement and sentence Sansky in about 90 days. If the judge decides the agreement is too lenient, Sansky will have the option of withdrawing his guilty plea. Read Times-Tribune Education Reporter Sarah Hofius Hall‘s coverage of the hearing here.

Sansky was calm and collected in the courtroom. He shook my hand and we exchanged pleasantries, but when I asked if he’d talk to me after the hearing, he politely said, “Not today.”

Sansky apparently didn’t have much to say to investigators, either.

“This was not a cooperation agreement,” Chief Deputy Attorney General Erik Olsen said. Gregg Sunday, the district’s former business manager, got a sweetheart deal for cooperating with the ongoing investigation of corruption in the district. We don’t know what Sunday gave investigators, but it better have been on the level of the actual whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa.

Sunday pleaded guilty in March, to one felony charge — conflict of interest, restricted activities — He got three years of probation and skated away with a fat pension funded by the taxpayers he cheated.

Sansky is going to jail.