From Scranton to Kyiv, mouths and minds are foaming over the transcript of the phone call that may get Donald Trump fired. The president‘s ham-handed attempt to lean on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for help in generating a fake news scandal about former vice president and top challenger Joe Biden backfired bigly. 

I’m not going to waste time and electronic ink on “Bidengate,” a stale pseudo-scandal that was thoroughly debunked months ago. There are many sources that put the lie to Trump’s fake news attack on Biden, but read what says here, or skim the following excerpt:

“In a Fox News interview on May 19, Trump claimed the former Ukrainian prosecutor “was after” Joe Biden’s son and that was why the former vice president demanded he be fired. There is no evidence of this.

Ukraine’s current prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko, was quoted by Bloomberg News in May as saying he had no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden or his son. Bloomberg also reported that the investigation into Burisma was dormant at the time Biden pressed for Shokhin’s ouster.”

No evidence. None. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Attorney General William Barr. The transcript of the Ukraine call reveals that Trump told Zelensky that Barr and the president’s vampire-for-hire Rudy Giuliani would be happy to help create Bidengate. Barr has since decided not to investigate the phony scandal because there is no evidence to support it.

The transcript of the Ukraine call is evidence of a president extorting a foreign power to create dirt against a political opponent. The full whistleblower complaint the White House is desperate to keep secret is sure to be even more incriminating, as it will provide critical context and expert witness testimony on Trump’s conduct.

The complaint will be a fascinating read, but the transcript I most want to see is from the call Trump made to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday morning. The Twitter tough guy called the Democrat he fears most and asked if they could “work something out.”

A few hours later, Trump got his answer.

“Today I’m announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry,” Pelosi said.

Don’t call me, Mr. President. I’ll call you.