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Donald Trump is like a serial arsonist who sets fires, then rides to the rescue expecting gratitude and cheering, soot-streaked.crowds. Facing a flaming backlash fueled by a proposed elimination of federal funding for Special Olympics, the president stepped up and backed down.

“The Special Olympics will be funded,” Trump said. “I just told my people, I want to fund the Special Olympics and I just authorized a funding of the Special Olympics. I’ve been to the Special Olympics. I think it’s incredible and I just authorized a funding. I heard about it this morning. I have overridden my people. We’re funding the Special Olympics.”

This was Trump tossing his wildly unpopular, manifestly unqualified secretary of education under the school bus. It was Betsy DeVos who publicly introduced the $17.6 million cut, a speck in the administration’s $4.7 trillion proposed budget.  After Trump’s “override,” DeVos released this gobstopping statement:

“I am pleased and grateful the President and I see eye-to-eye on this issue and that he has decided to fund our Special Olympics grant. This is funding I have fought for behind the scenes over the last several years.”

In fact, DeVos has proposed cutting the Special Olympics funding for three years running, but in Trumpland, reality is whatever you say it is.

Local congregants of Cult 45 said Trump’s reversal was proof that He’s the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER!!! I am a “communist,” “fake news” and other things I can’t share here. I thank these loyal readers for the feedback and present two scenarios. Tell me which is more believable:

  1. DeVos proposed the cut on her own without any direction from the White House, knowing it had zero chance of being passed by Congress and would enrage Republicans and Democrats alike.
  2. Republican leaders quietly went to the president and said, “We love ya Big Guy, but picking on special needs Americans really isn’t a good look for us right now. Punt on this and we can get back to blocking the release of the Mueller Report.”

I’m going with the second scenario, which is tailor-made for a serial arsonist seeking gratitude and cheers. It’s a simple formula that has worked since the dawn of politics:

Create crisis. Fuel outrage. Save the day. Rinse and repeat.

This is an opinion blog.