Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. However grudgingly, I accepted that objective fact within 48 hours after the election. He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, but he won 100 percent of the office. The gob-stopping you-know-what show that has been his fledgling presidency disgusts me in my bones, but I don’t need  to “get over it.”

Trump voters do.

You elected him. Made every excuse for his bizarre, buffoonish and cruel behavior. Ridiculed anyone who dared point to the Elephant in the Room: This person is unfit to lead a singalong, let alone the free world.

Trump proves this every day, whether through dumb, dishonest tweets or spectacles like Thursday’s solo press conference, a crazy fever dream of lies that melted faster than snowflakes in a frying pan. The pan is objective fact, and Trump just can’t stop bashing himself in the face with it.

That’s your problem, Trump voters.

I never had any doubt about who Trump is, or any hope he would “grow into the job” if “given a chance.” I have no doubt that this presidency will end badly, and sooner than scheduled.

All the lies, distortions and excuses in the world can’t change the fact that Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency and will continue to prove it until he finally exhausts the patience of those who persist in the delusion that he can turn this around.

Get over it.