So-called conservatives are up in arms and fit to be tied in the continuing wake of Hurricane Harvey. Houston is under water. Donald Trump is president. Harvey is still messing with Texas and Republicans accustomed to assigning dollar values to every living thing are struggling with the general math of empathy, mercy and duty.

Some fools paid to create clickbait dared criticize Melania Trump‘s choice of footwear for her visit to Texas on the arm of President Trump. The First Lady wore Manolo Blahnik flats, a choice the empty-headed and underemployed judged scandalous.

The outrage sounds ridiculous and petty because it is. It also has a familiar ring. When Michelle Obama dared to wear a sleeveless dress, the same shrinking violets who got “the vapors” over commentary on Melania’s foot fashion damned Michelle as a vulgarian who shamed her post by revealing that women have shoulders.

The Melania Manolo Blahnik dust-up is a dumb distraction, just like the cheap shots Michelle took for wearing whatever she wanted. If you don’t see the difference between the right’s reactions to Melania and Michelle making choices every woman makes every day, the cartoon posted with this blog says it all.