We don’t know the name of the Marywood University student who tipped authorities to the potential threat posed by Alex Barowski, a student who was caught on campus with a handgun, body armor, 200 rounds of ammunition and parts of an AR-15 in his truck on Wednesday.

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The tipster’s name is understandably being withheld. These days, thwarting a mass shooting can invite anti-social media attacks from trolls who might just be capable of more lasting damage than nasty Facebook posts or Twitter tweetstorms.

This Unnamed Marywood Student saw something and said something. He said Barowski showed him a gun in his waistband, said he was on medication for anxiety and depression and said other students had been “pissing him off.”

In the wake of the Las Vegas Massacre, The Unnamed Student  was unnerved and alerted staff, who called campus security. A potential tragedy was prevented. Officials’ failure to warn students and staff until after the situation was resolved is a problem that must be corrected, but thankfully, no one was hurt.

Bravo, Unnamed Marywood Student. Kudos also go the the Wood Word, the school’s student newspaper, for getting on top of this story and staying on it.

Police arrested Barowski, 28, of Archbald in his vehicle on campus. Aside from weapons and ammo, he had a can of pepper spray, a medical kit and a police radio. Barowski has been charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, possession of unlawful body armor and reckless endangerment. So far.

Barowski is innocent until proven guilty, and told police he meant no harm. Maybe he didn’t. Thanks to an Unnamed Marywood Student and the quick action of Marywood staff and law enforcement, there are no bodies to prove otherwise.