Busy scribbling Wednesday‘s column, but just had to type something about “The Passion of Frank Scavo.” His long history of sharing sewage on anti-social media caught up with him as he prepares to lose yet another campaign for the state Legislature.

This morning, state Sen. John Blake, D-22, Archbald; and Reps. Mike Carroll, D-118, Avoca; Marty Flynn, D-113, Scranton; and Kyle Mullins, D-112, Blakely; released a joint statement declaring Frank unfit for elected office. They pointed to a March 1 Times-Tribune story about Frank targeting Muslims as terrorists, pedophiles and rapists on Facebook and a subsequent interview he did with WILK.

“Both of these reports clearly illustrate that candidate Scavo’s public statements and social media posts do not reflect the values, the principles, the virtues, or the compassion of the great men and women of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Frank Scavo is not simply on the wrong side of a political issue. He is on the wrong side of humanity.”

Wow. And if that wasn’t self-righteous enough, the Four Horsemen of Harrisburg endorsed Frank’s opponent for the 114th District seat once held by the late, great Sid Kavulich.

“Bridget Malloy Kosierowski is a nurse, a mother, a wife, and an honorable community leader,” they wrote. “She is a candidate who will serve citizens of every race, every religion, and every nationality with dignity, with fairness, and with civility.”

Frank apologized and removed the posts. He called them “stupid,” “all in poor taste without a doubt” and “too general.” Let’s add hateful, disgusting and destructive. Two prominent Muslim advocacy groups have asked Frank to resign his seat on the Old Forge School Board. He refused.

“These are all posts that I regret,” Frank said. “That’s not part of my philosophy, that’s not what I subscribe to. … It’s too general. It was a general description of that faith and there are good people inside that faith. … Every religion has its problems, but the majority of people inside those religions are peace-loving.”

I’ve known Frank for at least 20 years. If not for politics and my profession, he is not someone I would spend a lot of time with. I like Frank. I don’t like his politics. He’s been spreading crackpot conspiracy theory crapola since before Google.

This is not a new thing. The newspaper only reviewed Frank’s Facebook posts since 2015. Readers haven’t seen the worst of it. Some of it was simply too ugly to publish. I am 100 percent sure Frank regrets making these posts. I am 110 percent positive they represent his political philosophy.

Don’t take it from me, though. The photo with this blog is a screenshot of a Facebook post Frank made on Sept. 17, 2018. It appeared with a story in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. The headline was:

Republican state House candidate shared Clinton conspiracy theory on Facebook