Science says each and every snowflake is unique, but in politics, Laureen Cummings is living, whining proof that “snowflakes” are a dime a dozen.

Fairly criticized for her uninformed, irresponsible opposition to a countywide property reassessment that is half a century overdue, Lackawanna County‘s first woman commissioner claimed any criticism of her clay-footed stance on the issue is a result of gender bias.

As Times-Tribune Staff Writer Jeff Horvath reported here, Cummings said this in response to fair — and frankly tardy — criticism from Scranton City Council:

“I would really love it if the Scranton City Council members would have the guts to come in here and have a conversation with this commissioner, rather than going out to the public and commenting on things. … They’re the ones with the misinformation,” said Cummings, specifically referencing city Councilmen Pat Rogan and Wayne Evans, who have criticized her position on reassessment at recent council meetings.
“It must be really nice to be able to sit down there and be on TV and throw rocks at someone that they don’t even know, that they have no guts to come and talk to, and let alone, is a female,” Cummings continued. “Maybe that’s why they won’t come up here and talk to me.”

The epic emptiness and irresponsible enmity of just about anything Cummings has said or done since she was sworn in is reason enough for anyone to avoid conversation with her, but that’s beside the point. In his editorial today, Times-Tribune Associate Editor Pat McKenna puts the lie to Cummings’ self-proclaimed martyrdom better than I could. Read it here.

Cummings’ perpetual sense of victimhood is emblematic of the grievance-centric society we live in. She is a tea party Republican and full-throated supporter of President Donald Trump, the undisputed king of Republican snowflakes. Nothing is ever his fault. Any criticism of his words and deeds is dishonest and inherently “hateful.” If you disagree with him or his, you are an enemy of the people.

Cummings’ pathetic bid for sympathy is an extension of Trump’s strategy of distraction and deflection. He has the most important job on the planet. She is a Lackawanna County Commissioner. On a stage this small, it’s much harder to hide behind straw men and strong women.

I was raised by a strong woman in a family filled with strong women. I work with many strong women and I know and admire many strong professional women throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond.

All of them have suffered greater adversity than having their careless words and deeds spit back at them. Not one has used their gender as a defense. Cummings’ Joan of Arc routine is a slap in the face to every one of these strong women.

I’ll close with something the strong woman I married says to me when I’m feeling sorry for myself over an adverse reaction to something I’ve said or done. Criticism goes with my job, just like Cummings’ job.

When I need to hear it, Chrissy says, “Suck it up, Princess.”