This is a picture of amber waves of grain. It’s a stock photo made available by the company that hosts our blogging platform. Neither Ronnie Martin nor any of the other fake journalists at Freedom Daily, his glorified Facebook page, has any legitimate claim to its creation or ownership.


This may not matter, as this professional troll and his minions have twice had me kicked off Facebook by falsely claiming I stole his copyrighted material. I did not, and wasn’t even aware Freedom Daily existed before it stole copyrighted content from The Times-Tribune.

I have been unable to reach anyone at Facebook to rectify the situation, which suggests that Ronnie Martin could have Michelangelo banned for posting a pic of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Apparently, all Ronnie would have to do is call it, “artwork I created.”

As I type, I’m not sure I’ll be able to share this post on Facebook, or that I won’t be banned again due to another false claim by fake journalists who claim to revere dissent, but have no compunction about using cowardly dirty tricks to stifle it.

With the Eric Frein trial beginning Tuesday, I have other priorities, but I’ll get back to the cold war in the next week or so. Whether I’ll be able to do that on Facebook is apparently up to Ronnie Martin.