A few weeks back, the BBC sent correspondent Michael Wendling to Scranton for a report on the QAnon conspiracy theory and its appeal to the Northeast Pennsylvania Chapter of Cult 45. Mike came across the pond to cover a wingnut revival meeting dubbed the Trump 2020 Tour at the Radisson at Lackawanna Station.

Mike is an investigative reporter with the @BBCTrending team and the author of “Alt-Right: From 4chan to the White House.” He read my column about a Trump rally at Mohegan Sun Arena that attracted throngs of QAnon “bakers” who believe, among other nutty things, that JFK Jr. is alive and President Trump is secretly working with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to expose and arrest Crooked Hillary and other possibly inhuman operatives of the Deep State. Read my column here.

Mike dropped by The Times-Tribune newsroom and interviewed me for his internationally popular BBCTrending podcast. He also spoke to some locals and featured speakers at the event, which turned out to be much less of a spectacle than advertised. Ask any wingnut who attended, of course, and they, like The Chosen One, will tell you it drew the biggest crowd in in Scranton history.

Anyway, it was nice of Mike to include me, and I had so much fun talking to him that I taught him the secret Deep State handshake that gets me access to the dark corridors of power and the lizard people who run everything from the shadows.

If you dare, listen to the podcast here. JFK Jr. thanks you for your time. CJKAnon out.