I don’t know the little boy’s name, just his number: 47. The United States of America stamped it on his chest after ripping him from his mother’s arms and putting him in a cage like a stray dog in a pound.

America did that. You. Me. Us. Our government acts in our name. The land of the free and the home of the brave is reducing children to numbers and herding them into concentration camps. If you’re offended by the comparison, too bad. If you find it ridiculous, you are kidding yourself.

This is wrong. Cruel. Evil. Ungodly, unnecessary and un-American.

And President Trump refuses to own it or end it. He blames the Democrats. Calls it “their law.” This, like most everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, is a damned lie. This is his administration’s policy, and he could stop it today with a single call — or tweet.

He won’t, unless it starts to do real damage to his ratings. This is not about border security, law enforcement or immigration policy. This is about Trump’s Wall. The one Mexico was going to pay for. The one Mexico would reimburse us for. The one generations of Americans would pay for if it wasn’t a preposterous fantasy to begin with.

Trump is holding children hostage in a cynical bid to cow Democrats into funding his wall. Its projected cost is around $20 billion. You can buy a ladder at Wal-Mart for about $100.

We need border security and immigration reform. These are vital national interests. We are a nation of laws or we are not. We cannot absorb an infinite number of immigrants, and border control is essential to the survival of a sovereign nation. Enforcing laws with careful consideration of their impact and efficacy is the sacred duty of a great nation.

Stacking terrified children like cord wood in an old Wal-Mart is not a solution. That such a thing need be said shows just how far we’ve fallen here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The lengths Trump supporters have gone to in defending this outrage are staggering. The most maddening is “Americans who go to prison are separated from their children” non-argument. An equally lame variation is “Our troops serving deployments are separated from their children.”

Yes, they are. And that is where this ridiculous comparison falls apart. The children of prisoners aren’t put in prisons of their own. When soldiers are deployed, their children aren’t carted away to camps, assigned ID numbers and kept in cages.

If you’re OK with America abusing innocent children in your name so a shameless Narcissist can indulge his delusions of grandeur, then own it. It’s more than Trump is willing to do.

Number 47 is a little boy from Honduras. His family came here seeking asylum. America gave him a number and put him in a cage.