UPDATE: The second story cited in this blog is actually by staff writer Borys Krawczeniuk, the political dean of The Times-Tribune. I regret the error. 

In today’s Times-Tribune, education reporter Sarah Hofius Hall files the latest installment in her multi-year expose on the chronic mismanagement and malfeasance that brought the Scranton School District to its fiscal knees.

From President Bob Sheridan on down, the current Scranton School Board is every bit as compromised and clueless as its harshest critics say.Sarah writes:

The Scranton School Board president and another director violated board policy by accepting campaign donations from Scranton School District employees and vendors, a Times-Tribune review of campaign finance reports found.

Read the disgusting details here. Then ingest Borys’ entry on today’s front page, which begins:

A mysterious committee sent campaign postcards urging support for three Scranton School Board candidates without registering its existence — a potential violation of the state campaign finance law.

Read the rest here. If you’re a Scranton voter, print these stories and post them on the refrigerator next to the drawings and photos of your kids and grandkids. Four of the school board’s nine seats are up for grabs in the May 16 primary election. If you hope to make an informed choice at the polls, keep reading The Times-Tribune.