The latest target of Brad Parscale billion-dollar ‘Death Star’ of disinformation was his own foot. The Trump 2020 campaign manager posted a photo of Air Force One being cheered by delirious throngs of Cult 45 faithful at the Daytona 500.

Impeached President Donald Trump took a “Sunday drive” around the track in “The Beast,” the heavily armored, taxpayer-funded limousine that gets about seven miles per gallon. It was the only victory lap of the day. Rain postponed the race until today.

The crowd cheered wildly for The Chosen One, but Brad is in the disinformation business, so he chose a photo that would pump up the volume. For background on Brad, who has declared war on local newspapers, read my Sunday column here.

Brad tweeted the photo with a triumphant caption: “@realDonaldTrump won the #Daytona500 before the race even started.”

Cult 45 convulsed with adulation, giving Brad’s tweet 6,700 retweets and 23,000 likes before Brad took it down.

Why did Brad remove a tweet that glorified Trump and inspired Trumpers to send exuberant messages like,  “WOW WHAT A SHOT!!!!!!!!!”? Because it took about 30 seconds of Googling to find out that the photo was actually snapped in 2004, when George W. Bush was president and Trump was still bankrupting casinos.

The inevitable backlash from Americans who oppose Trump’s post-truth presidency forced Brad to “update” his tweet with a photo depicting Trump’s actual appearance on Sunday.
If you’re keeping score at home, that’s Objective Reality: 1; Brad: 0
Zero. Point. Zero.