UPDATE: Gopal Patel has left the building. Times-Tribune Education Reporter Sarah Hofius Hall breaks the news here. Tonight’s meeting just got even more interesting

“Im’ back in the saddle again/ Out where a friend is a friend…” — Gene Autry

Words are my trade, but I can find none that adequately express how grateful I am for the overwhelmingly positive, generous and uplifting response to Sunday’s column. It was a risk, but I trusted you to see it for what it is accept me for who I am.

You did not let me down. Thank you. I have a mountain of emails and messages to climb. It may take a day or two, but I will respond to all of you.

Some of you didn’t appreciate me outing myself as a member of an anonymous program. I respect that, and you for calling me out on it. That said, I earn a living calling people out on the things they say, do or don’t do. True accountability starts with the self. A hypocrite who points fingers at other hypocrites is like a sick dog snarling into a broken mirror.

That’s not a reflection I can live with.

What I can do is work to improve myself and the self I share with the world. For the first time in what seems like forever, my selves are in sync. The voices in my head are finally reading from the same script.

Today those voices say, “Get back to work!” Luckily, there’s a Scranton School Board meeting tonight. The board will convene at 6:30 in the board room of the Administration Building. Candidates will be interviewed and a new director will be appointed. In December, the board appointed Gopal Patel without seeking applicants or allowing for public comment — a violation of the state’s Sunshine Act.

The board broke the law because its desperate majority knew it could without public backlash. Many critics point fingers at this board. Few are willing to lift a finger to change it. I’ll be there tonight, looking for you. If you’re fed up with rustlers running things, mount up and ride with me.