Hey kids, short blog today. Working on Wednesday‘s column, which is rooted in Monday night’s meeting of the Scranton School Board. Times-Tribune Education Reporter Sarah Hofius Hall and I were there, just like old times.

Too much like old times.

The board appointed Tom Borthwick, who received a seat after eight auditions over eight years. With the district under criminal investigation and the state’s financial oversight, you have to give credit to anyone willing to jump into the fray. Five candidates stepped up and offered to serve. They deserved a better public turnout.

I called Tom this morning to congratulate/console him and we had a short but productive talk. I’ll cover a key point of our conversation in my Wednesday column. In the meantime, Read Sarah’s adult, professional coverage of the meeting and its future implications here. Come back for my juvenile, self-indulgent write-up tomorrow.

See you then.