Canada geese flew over the house this morning, the sun came up and stayed out and the temperature was 49 degrees at 1 p.m..

A strange smell riding the spring breeze tells me there’s a special election on the horizon. Tomorrow, in fact. Tuesday will greet voters in the 114th Legislative District with an opportunity to elect a successor to the late, great Rep. Sid Kavulich.

Democrat Bridget Malloy Kosierowski, 46, a surgical nurse from Waverly Twp., is running for the first time. Her opponent, Republican Frank Scavo, 56, a real estate investor from Old Forge, is a veteran of many races, most of which he finished with concession speeches.

Scavo was president of the Old Forge School Board until last week, when he was ousted in a coup d’état apparently orchestrated by Chris Thomas. A former teacher and principal, who was fired, then allowed to resign and paid $130,000 to go away. Instead, Thomas ran for school board and somehow got elected.

Read about why that should never have happened here, especially if you’re reading this on a work-issued iPad.

Scavo was vulnerable after The Times-Tribune reported on bigoted, offensive and just plain dumb Facebook posts he made and shared. Frank apologized and took responsibility for his actions.

Thomas has done neither. In fact, he claims he was framed. Maybe the true culprit is the same criminal mastermind who “hackedMayor Robert Legg‘s Facebook account.

Back to Tuesday’s election. The newspaper endorsed Kosierowski. Read the details here. Then get out and vote. If you need a reminder of what results from voter apathy and low turnout, take a look at Chris Thomas.