It’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that the three activities that occupy most of Trump’s time are golf, Twitter and watching “Fox & Friends” in his jammies. The last two items are closely linked, as Trump frequently parrots within minutes whatever he hears and sees on F&F via his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. In the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller’s bombshell indictments of Trump’s campaign manager and his assistant, along with the even more serious announcement of a plea deal with a former campaign adviser, Trump is throwing up the same smoke-screen of distraction deployed by Fox News. To his mind and Fox’s, the real criminal in all this is (drumroll, please) … Hillary Clinton (cymbal crash)! And Bill Clinton! And Uranium One! And Russia! And the Podesta Group! And even Mueller himself!

With right-wing media egging him on, and pliant and opportunistic GOP congressional majorities ready to run interference (gotta deliver tax cuts to the super-rich, after all), the White House seems intent on dismissing the very real existential threat posed by Mueller’s prob. Instead, it broadcasts conspiracy-theory scenarios in hopes of muddying the waters, and even delegitimizing the special counsel.