Trump and his cult of sycophants and true believers regularly dismiss any and all allegations of wrong-doing against him on an embedded “deep state” in Washington, a shadowy and omnipresent entity of career government officials and institutions dedicated to preventing him from “Making America Something-Something Again.”

As was made plain in last week’s release of a whistleblower complaint regarding Trump’s attempted telephone shakedown of the Ukrainian government as well as the White House’s corroborating memo detailing the call, the truth likely is far more simple. The president and his men committed a crime (or crimes) and scrambled to cover their tracks. And based on the whistleblower’s account, the Ukraine call is not Trump’s first instance of foreign policy malfeasance (hello, Putin and MBS) to be locked away in a high-security computer system, away from congressional oversight.

In short, Trump and his pals are up to their chins in trouble. His best hope, should articles of impeachment be referred to the U.S. Senate: Mitch McConnell and his supine Republican majority.