Responding to popular demand, Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing ahead with an initiative to take the politics out of legislative redistricting. His recently announced bipartisan advisory panel, composed largely of former politicians and academics, is tasked with making recommendations on how best to proceed with redistricting methods that eliminate the sort of gerrymandering that’s guaranteed the GOP a virtual death grip on majorities both in Harrisburg and in Washington. (The latter has now been eliminated thanks to the state Supreme Court, with the result being a 2018 outcome that more accurately reflected the vote.)

As expected, the Grand Old Party’s majorities in the state house and senate are having none of it. Senate Pres. Pro-Tem Joe Scarnati and House Speaker Mike Turzai know that gerrymandering is the best (and perhaps only) way for their party to maintain power, and will fight tooth and nail any effort to wrest control of it.