The last few days have convinced me that it’s frequently futile to draw cartoons about Washington politics — and specifically those involving congress and the Trump White House — in the heat of the moment. I was forced to pull my Sunday cartoon criticizing Sen. Jeff Flake minutes after I’d drawn it Friday after Flake pulled a 180 and demanded an FBI background check into allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Then, on Monday, I drew a cartoon blasting the White House for reportedly placing restrictions on the scope of that investigation, only to see the White House backtrack that afternoon and announce there would be no restrictions (never mind that it denied ever placing restrictions in the first place), thus moving the apparent center of gravity to the GOP majority in congress. Today’s cartoon is posted is the result, along with the quickest rendering of the U.S. Capitol I’ve ever scribbled (the original cartoon depicted the White House as the blinkers).

So, whew. What’s a cartoonist to do? (Cartoon from 2016).

And, fwiw, here’s the original cartoon!