It’s officially the holiday season.

That means it’s the perfect time to talk about another very important element of self-care: personal style.

Same as beauty, clothes are powerful and dressing up to fit your mood and attitude is the best thing you can do to take control of how you feel and, in turn, how the world sees you. I thought it was best to bring in someone who knows all about the power of personal style, Maggie McGregor. Maggie is a fashion stylist, fashion writer and owner of styling company and blog Style Mag Daily. She’s worked backstage at several Fashion Weeks, styled with numerous brands and worked in the fashion departments at different publications including Town & Country Magazine.

Maggie will occasionally lend her talents here at Hey, Beautiful in Stitched, blogettes (or a blog within a blog) where fashion tips and experiences are sewn together into the mosaic of life. Today, it’s all about dressing to impress this holiday season and beyond.

I’ll let her take it from here.  -Gia


Stitched: ‘Dress to be the best you’

“The first thing I learned about style? Dress up. I do declare my Gramma Grace was the most beautifully dressed woman in Scranton when she was alive, braggadocios as it may seem. My cousins and I didn’t dare go to a cookout without our hair brushed and being changed into clean clothes. She taught us that no matter who you are or what your vocation is, you have to dress to be the best you. It was about having respect for yourself. Dressing up was to show other people that you value you, and that every day, no matter the circumstances, you were going to give life your damnedest. She saw downtown Scranton as the bustling city she experienced when she caught my grandfather’s eye in Lackawanna Railroad Station (now Radisson at Lackawanna Station hotel) and my sisters and I treated going downtown like something so special. We always changed into dresses to lunch at our fave spot, P.J. Scanlan’s with her. I felt like when we went downtown, she knew everyone. I always got the anxious feeling that, because people knew her, people were staring. As Harry Winston said, ‘People will stare. Make it worth their while.’ I hope we did.

Here’s how to turn heads at all of this year’s holiday parties. As my Grammy used to say, “Better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.”

Back to black

Morgan & Company Sequin Lace High-Low Dress,

Maggie’s tip: “A black dress can be a safe choice for a holiday gathering when you can’t quite determine what the dress code is. Light up a Christmas concert in this look and pair with black tights if you need a more conservative take. Details like the sequins and lace on this or bows, ties and cut-outs make an LBD far from basic. My favorite addition: a holiday brooch. ?”

White hot

Lena Strapless, Black Halo,

Maggie’s tip: “Head-to-toe white is striking, and wear a jumpsuit as an alternative to a dress. One-piece jumpsuits come in all different cuts so they can flatter all different body types. Try on a few different cream, winter white or silvery choices to determine what fits your shape best.”

Straight fire

V-Neck Mixed Media Gown, Carmen Marc Valvo,

Maggie’s tip: “Red is warm and festive. This is great for a holiday gala. Any woman in a red dress? Alexa, play ‘Lady in Red.’ ??”

Blue Christmas

ASOS DESIGN cape pleated maxi dress,

Maggie’s tip: “Icy blue is still thematic for the winter if you need a break from red and green. Bright blue is striking in a fuzzy sweater or top, but is show-stopping in maxi dresses and full ballroom skirts. A bejeweled flat looks great peeking out from underneath this maxi.”

Shine bright

TFNC Sequin Wrapfront Jumpsuit in multi-silver,

Maggie’s tip: “A full sequined jumpsuit takes you right through until New Year’s Eve. Sequins are the spirit of the season, especially when the ball drops at the turn of 2019. Look for them on outfits and dresses, or accessories if you aren’t ready to go full-body sparkle.”



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