We don’t always have time for a manicure and that’s why the glam gawds invented press-on nails.

For years, people have asked me about my nails and they’re usually shocked when I tell them they’re press-ons. I bite my nails (so bad, I know!) and I relied on acrylics most of my life to curb my need to gnaw on my fingers. Gel manicures will not stay on my nails and painting my own nails is such a hassle — mostly because I lack the patience to let anything dry.

I give you the press-on nail. No dry time. Can be applied anywhere. Under $10.

This week, eternal cool-girl and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared photos of a late-night press-on manicure session on her Instagram story.

And like AOC, I have to say: THEY ARE NOT CORNY ANYMORE.

Like we’ve discussed, it’s not 1984 anymore and the beauty industry has advanced light-years. These nails aren’t flimsy and the styles and colors are bomb. They stay on for at least 7-10 days, through showers, washing my hair and applying dozens of oils to my face. Then, I’ll take them off to let my nails breathe a few days in between before I pop on a new set.

I get them at any drugstore or Sally Beauty Supply and KISS is my favorite brand. I use the little glue that comes right in the set but you can buy your own if you’d like. (Glue will be in the section with the nails.) The nails come in various sizes, so I fit them to each finger first before I glue them on. They’re also numbered so, once I find the fit for one finger, I match the numbers up by nail. (No. 13 on my pinkies, No. 11 on my ring fingers, etc.)

Then, I put a thin layer of glue over my own nail and press the nail on top, firmly sliding my thumb over the nail. This helps to remove any air pockets, which will allow water to get in and affect the nail’s longevity. I always do my thumbs last.

If the shape or length isn’t right for you, wait a few minutes until they’re COMPLETELY dry (about 3 minutes) and file them how you like. The nails typically come with a file pad, nails, glue and a toothpick for clean-up.

Sometimes, you might have a nail pop off so I always carry the glue and a few spare nails to fix myself up if need be.

That’s literally it. If you have a wedding or someplace else to go and don’t have the time/money to get them done, definitely consider press-ons. They are the best kept beauty secret. Even the youngest woman to serve in Congress thinks so.