Let’s start here: I don’t have full lips.

My eyes are enormous. My lips? They’re little and I’ve looked like a cartoon character with huge eyes and a tiny mouth my entire life.

The other day I posted a selfie to my Instagram story and was inundated with DMs from girlfriends asking if I got lip fillers. I was S H O O K. I’m a big supporter of cosmetic enhancements but I’ve never had them myself (yet). All I did was use lip liner.

Lip liner, which peaked in the ’80s/’90s, had a comeback a few years ago. It may have had something to do with a famous younger sibling whose initials are “K.J.” Her gorgeous full pout spawned a billion-dollar beauty company that included lip liners.

I think we, as a society, OD’d on using lip liner a few years ago. We definitely abused it but we’re coming back around to use it for good again.

That’s because lip liner can really make some magic.

The selfie in question.

Lip liners are great to give an even, crisp line around the edges and to stop lipstick from bleeding and feathering beyond your lips. Worn all over you lips or underneath, they’re made to be more durable and can help lip color last longer. Also, as we age, the line around our lips fades and we lose that definition and visible volume. For anyone wanting a sleek line, lip liners are how to do it.

There are two edges to our lips: the one we can clearly see a difference in color and a lighter one on the outside. If follow that outer liner, you can make your lips look fuller without an obvious overline.


In the selfie, I used Make Up Forever Artist Color Pencil in Wherever Walnut. The pencil is pigmented without being too heavy and waxy. I got one free in an Ipsy bag but I promptly went and bought a full-size because I loved it so much. It’s also a 3-in-1 so it can be used for lips, eyes and cheeks. Over it, I layered cult favorite MAC Cosmetics in Velvet Teddy, a comfortable, never-chalky, satin finish. Both shades are pretty nude colors and perfect for me. Nude is subjective so it’s always best to find your own.

My lipstick is a touch lighter than the liner and has a velvet, semi-shiny finish, which also helps mimic the appearance of fuller lips since light reflects.

Nobody needs full lips or big eyes or perfect noses to be beautiful. Sometimes, we just like to play with our look. The real moral of the story? If you think someone looks great, TELL THEM. It will make them feel bomb and you will feel pretty great, too.

And feeling good about yourself is worth its weight in lip liner.

Do you have a favorite lip liner or go-to full lip trip? LET ME KNOW AT GMAZUR@TIMESSHAMROCK.COM, @GMAZURTT ON TWITTER OR @MISS.GIA.M ON INSTAGRAM