I. Love. Routine.

As an Earth sign (and proud Virgo), I possess some noble traits like attention to detail and intuitiveness. There’s some not-so-great parts like the NEED for routine.

For instance, I put on both socks and then both shoes and always start with the right. I order the same coffee from the same place every day. I never leave my house without makeup on — but I tend to do the same kind of look. That gets boring every single day.

To break from my routine and force myself out of a comfort zone, I’m following a beauty challenge from one of my favorite beauty podcasts, Full Coverage. Social media challenges are pretty popular but this one doesn’t require me to eat laundry detergent or dance on the side of the road. Each day during the month of December, I have to do my makeup in line with a theme. Some are easy like “Favourite Lipstick” (they’re SO cute and British) or “No Makeup Makeup” and some are a little more abstract like “Sunday Glam” and “Sexy Robots.”

This is a great way for me to change up my look and get to use some of the makeup that sits on my vanity collecting dust. I’m blogging about it so I’m forced to do it or face public shaming. You can follow me — @miss.gia.m on Instagram — to see how I do. And please check out Full Coverage wherever you get your podcasts. Hosted by makeup artist Harriet Hadfield and writer and beauty enthusiast Lindsey Kelk, it’s an amazing resource for product-hoarders and for beauty news. 

You can also try it yourself.


Check out my progress here.