As I pulled up to the Mulberry Street Dunkin’ Donuts, I saw the sign like a beacon of hope.

All I needed to read was “fall” and “flavors” to know it was officially time: Pumpkin Swirl is back. In addition to the return of pumpkin-flavored treats, it’s also Virgo season (I am a very proud member of the earthy zodiac family) which means fall isn’t just coming. It’s here.

Besides spicy flavors, Halloween decorations and chilly mornings, fall also means a new season to experiment with our looks. I scoured social media along with the rest of the interwebs to track down some of fall’s biggest beauty trends to compile here for you.

So, grab a PSL and let’s get started.



Pink was my favorite color for the first half of my life. While black has replaced it, I’m a sucker for pink. Sweet shades of peach, blush and Spanish pink to deeper tones such as magenta and rosewood are all over Instagram. Think of the palettes released over the past year, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette which is filled with fairy purples, pinks and rose golds or Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice’s mix of bright jewel tones with shimmery baby pink and a deep salmon. According to beauty news Instagram account @trendmood1, Urban Decay is coming out with their own pink version of their Naked palette: Naked Cherry. Be still my Barbie pink heart.


Bright colors

When I say bright, I mean TONS of ‘80s-inspired neons. There’s been an influx of shocking shades in recent months. It can seem overwhelming but don’t be afraid of using these hues to create a mix of rainbow colors all over you lids, cheeks and lips. You don’t need to go full Day-Glo to participate. however. Think KKW Beauty x Mario palette’s Libra, a dazzling cobalt blue within a sea of neutrals. Try a neutral eye paired with a bright liner under your bottom lash line or in the inner corners to mix things up.


Glass hair

We’re leaving behind the beachy, cool-girl hair we’ve seen in the past few years and diving right in to smooth, sleek territory. You’ve already seen it all over Instagram — every celebrity or influencer is rocking silky, shiny pin-straight hair, usually in a blunt-cut bob. Polished blowouts are back, too. Generously apply shine serum to damp hair and blow dry with paddle brush. Go over the hair with a flat iron, but make sure to use a heat-protectant first.


Flannel hair

Every season, an Instagram hair color takes over. This fall it’s “flannel hair,” which blends colors from the red, orange and violet families to make the perfect coppery, auburn hair. It can be brighter and more fiery or deeper, like a mulled wine, depending on your skin tone and undertones. No matter what, this hue will make you feel as cozy as a PSL.


Power look

Nothing says strong and fierce like a ponytail and a bold lip. Twist it a little bit by pairing a middle part and sleek low ponytail with a power lip in burgundy, berry or red and get ready to take over the world.


Graphic liner

I stan a liquid eyeliner so I’m all about this mod, ‘60s, Twiggy, “Barbarella” vibe we’ve seen on the runways. Try a dramatic double-wing or take liquid or pencil liner and draw a line across your crease. Make it even more daring by choosing a neon color suggested above.


(Almost) naked skin

This is a complete 180 from full-coverage foundation, concealing and contouring. It’s about layering moisturizers, primers and illuminators for glowing, dewy skin — or finding an amazing product to fake it. Look for radiant (not shimmery) primers or light coverage tinted moisturizers, BB or CC creams that to allow your skin to show through. Pair with a “lit from within” highlighter or strobing cream for an added boost such as Glossier Haloscope or RMS Beauty Living Luminizer



Lots of runway shows incorporated gold into their looks, mostly dramatic foiled lids. You can go all out on your lips, eyes and cheeks. You can also try more subtle accents with gold shades across your lids or under your bottom lash line. Tons of shadow palettes have included (at least) one shimmery, sparkly gold. It also works as a highlight (like Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Freestyle in Trophy Wife) on your lips or on your nails. It’s time to be the golden goddesses we were made to be.


Hair accessories

We can finally dress like Blair Waldorf again. B’s signature ribbons and bows are back plus other accessories like scrunchies and claw clips. It doesn’t have to be boring, headbands, in either the ‘90s comb variety or in cool textures like leather and suede give them a little upgrade.



Makeup artist Val Garland literally covered models’ faces and necks in glitter during Fashion Week. FW beauty, just like fashion, is an over-the-top version of what we can wear down Linden Street. Try some glitter on your lids or as a liner on along your top or bottom lashes. Stila Cosmetics Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow is a vlogger favorite and amazing for looks like this. If you’re not into full-on glitter on your face, try it on the tips of your nails in a cute take on a French manicure.


Suede smoke

I kept seeing this sexy, smudged eye but instead of the typical black smoke, the colors were in muted, matte grays, tans, browns or deep greens. The looks were gorgeous and an updated version of the smoky eye we’ve been doing forever.


Rebel yell

More intense than the suede smoky eye, the leftover-from-last-night black eyeliner look was everywhere. I love a dramatic eye and am obsessed with metallic black, gray and navy blue all around the eye with a contour and a nude lip. Plus, it hides dark circles and puffiness if you actually were out partying like a rock star the night before. Amp it up by layering a shimmering eye gloss (Flesh Beauty Fleshpot Eye & Cheek Gloss) over the smoky black or gray on your top lids and bottom lash line.