It’s my first review!

We’re going to talk about Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’s “Beach, Please!” summer collection. It launched less than two weeks ago and some stores have already sold out. (insert monkey covering eyes emoji) Anyway, this review can get you ready for when your faves are back in stock. This probably took a long time but I’m already warning you that I will never, ever review anything without wearing it for at least a few days. I don’t think you can really know how a product performs until you’re trying to apply it on a rushed morning or you’re looking at it in a mirror after 7 hours of wear on a hot day. You’re in luck because BOTH of those things happened in the past week while wearing pieces from this collection. Let’s begin, shall we?

Iridescent Lip Luminizers

$32 for set of three | 0.1 oz per tube

These iridescent, color-shifting lip glosses come in two sets of three: Summer Daze containing Single (mint with iridescent glitter), Bilingual (peach with iridescent fuchsia glitter) and Ready To Mingle (fuchsia with iridescent glitter); and Summer Nights made up of Snakeskin (holographic Burgundy with green shift), Mermaid Thighs (holographic blue with purple shift) and Vaycray (holographic gold with pink shift). At first, I started swatching on my wrist and was surprised by the consistency. The formula is a gloss but it’s not sticky and actually felt smooth and hydrating (probably due to the skin conditioning agents in the formula). However, I was scared of the color-payoff. The pigments were so sheer and I thought this was going to be another waste of money. (I waste money A LOT.) 

As soon as I swiped it on my lips, my fears were quelled. All six were seriously the prettiest lip colors I’ve worn in a long time.

The colors ARE sheer but they give a nice wash of shimmer and pigment all at once, and they can be layered over each other to make different colors. They were light enough to wear to work but, paired with a little more shimmer all over, still looked fun and sexy as a nighttime lip. The ultimate plus is the shimmer and glossy texture reflect the light and make your lips appear bigger, which is a huge help to me and my tiny, anime character pout ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Island Bling 2-in-1 Liquid Eye Shimmer

$26 | 0.14 ounces per eyeshadow

These double-ended liquid eyeshadows contain one shimmery base color and one glitter top coat and come in four colors: Summer Fling (deep metallic bronze, base color) and Reignbow (iridescent gold, top coat) and Mamacita (metallic rose gold, base color) and Tini Kini (iridescent opal, top coat).

These pigments can be built up from sheer to opaque and, after swiping on, can be blended with a finger or a flat, dense eyeshadow brush. Island Bling came in handy on busy mornings. I can’t be on time for anything (It’s just my nature) but there are some mornings where I struggled even more to get out of my house at a respectable time. I swiped these on my eyelids as I was running out the door and did a fast blend with a brush. Instead of layering, I used the top coat all over my eyelid and the darker base in the crease. I even got compliments on my slapdash LeWk~* so I was pretty pleased with myself and Ms. Robyn Fenty.

I have to let you know: the top coats (Reignbow and Tini Kini) are GLITTERY — like, straight-up sparkle. You’ve been warned.


$36 per duo | 0.12 ounces per pan

These metallic cream-powder hybrid duos come in six shades: Mimosa Sunrise (metallic tangerine) and Sangria Sunset (metallic magenta); 7daywknd (metallic orchid) and Poolside (metallic violet); and Sand Castle (metallic bronze) and Mint’d Mojito (metallic mint-blue). The formulas are super creamy even though they’re a powder. They come out with the sheerest, shimmery color and can be built up or layered.  This makes them versatile because you can wear any color as a subtle highlight or as a full-pigment eyeshadow. You can use them as blush or on your lips. I’ve used 3-in-1s before but in typical pinks, nudes and reds — never in cool, vivid pigments. A word of warning: Since they’re so creamy, they will crease pretty easily. As someone with the oiliest eyelids on earth, I would definitely lay down a primer before application.

They also made me less afraid of color in my everyday life. 

My second job is singing in a band, something I’ve done since college, and I need to do my makeup so it can be seen in photos, from far away and in dim lighting. I love dark and dramatic looks. I love sparkle and I love that people know I have makeup on. When I first started doing my makeup for performances, I had a blast experimenting with my look and pushing it as far as I could (I once applied a mix of B-movie spacesuit silver glitter and vaseline to face, chest, arms and legs)As far as work goes, I always had trouble merging my love of color and drama with my everyday look. I usually do a cateye, a little volume on my lashes and bright lipstick but keep everything else pretty neutral.

“Beach, Please!” Killawatt Foils helped me break out of that rut. I was wearing fuchsia highlighter and violet blush. I wore tangerine eyeshadow. I did a bright, mint-blue highlight with iridescent blue/purple lips to matchThe colors looked so beautiful and striking on their own, I didn’t feel the need to wear fake eyelashes for photos, which is the opposite of everything I am. When I wanted to be more subtle, Sand Castle is a perfect glimmer bronze all over.

I would recommend the foils if you’re a Fenty fan or if you like sexy shimmers for summer. However, if you’re looking for an edgy way to bring more color into both your nighttime and everyday repertoire, “Beach, Please!” Killawatt Foils are a must.

Another plus? From what I’ve seen on social media, these pigments were designed to look amazing on any skin tone. I’ve seen beauty influencers like Nyma Tang to Alissa Ashley to CC Clarke all look fab in these colors. This isn’t a surprise considering Fenty’s initial launch included 40 shades of foundation with a range of undertones so everyone could have a perfect match. (Other brands have started to follow suit and add more shades to their collections, being dubbed “the Fenty effect.”)

Grab these products from the “Beach, Please!” collection and more from Fenty online at, Sephora Inside JCPenney or in store at Sephora or Sephora Inside JCPenney.